Minute Steering Commitee June 2008

Steering Committee meeting June 2008

Partcipants: Anne Karin Larsen (Project-leader), Andrés A Astray (Leader Research Group), Remmelt Veenkamp (Leader Teacher Group), Klas-Göran Olsson (Leader Development Group)  and Grete Oline Hole (secretary).

AKL: goes through what she will present at the Consortium meeting. She will start with a short flashback over last year, referring to the Year Report.

Since last Consortium Meeting two partners have stated they will leave the VIRCLASS Consortium; Parma and Vorarlberg. We had less intake than expected and many drop-outs. This influences both this and next year’s budgets. 

What are the consequences of partners leaving? There is a need for new partners in VIRCLASS. Discussion about the administrative costs connected to this; and what the new application will cover. It is important to notice that VIRCLASS is not a project anymore, must stand on its own feet in the future.

Use surplus from this year to try out VITERO   electronic conference room. Discussion about VITERO; and the extra money for the moderato  course è raised a new money discussion about the cost. However considering that Erasmus exchanges money covers a bit of our travels; but not all, and that we can use VITERO for many other meetings, as online conferences, research meeting, planning new curriculums, evaluations, focus groups meetings, Steering Committee meetings, teacher meetings, student communication, paper writings/co-writing the VSC agreed on recommending the CMG to rent this conference room.

Research : Andrés  will present the Research Groups work last year. Important to focus both on history and future: Tell what the partners gain; international publication’s, help with research, possibilities to seek internal and external funding. He will give an overview over last year’s publication and disseminations (collected from Google doc, and supplemented from AK’s overview at the VIRCLASS web-pages, since not all responded to Andrés request by e-mail), and present the ideas form last evenings meeting; with a time schedule. Maybe we will write an article about transparency this year, aimed at a international journal? Andrés will make a powerpoint of his presentation, and send Anne Karin.

Development: After Andrés Klas-Göran Olsson will present the development of “VIRCLASS goes world-wide” and tell what we have done so far. And what have we done?  At autumn 2007 attended Klas-Göran and Anne Karin a meeting in Bodø; were they came in contact with people working with Community Work (CW). That was the start of the collaboration with Vivienne in South Africa and people from Chile, who are involved with the application. We have also made and started an e-pedagogy course.
Discussion here: If the applications fail: where will there be other sources for funding?? Where can we get money for further development of VIRCLASS – SW-VirCamp.  It is important to discuss the possibilities for funding at the Consortium meeting. Andrés suggest support from a commercial company- maybe its learning would support this?? Maybe charity funds, as Sparebanken Vest in Bergen or others NGO’s .
There might be also money available in the internationalisation area, for example is Spain going to support EU research framework;-- there are money you can apply for; he will look into this.

Teachers work: After KG presentation of the development-process, Remmelt will give an overview from the work within the Teacher Group and a summary of the students evaluations. AKL will continue with presentation of the application we sent; and the consequence for the VIRCLASS Consortium.
Discussions while AK was going through her presentation.  About “Aim and objectives 1”: We cannot make an International BA in SW at this stage. But should we make an international specialisation in the BA in Social Work, -- or could we give students a way of getting an international specialisation in his ordinary BA?
The meeting decided who should present some of these elements (As quality assurance/ issues about the organisation and administration of VIRCLASS etc.
Anne Karin stated that we really have to discuss this issues about future funding—the life of VIRCLASSC if we do not get funding; what prospect we have for the future; when the detailed program for the meeting were gone through (Point 9 ; next year agreement).

There will be a n online VSC meeting 2nd September, 09:30- 14:00 Norwegian Time (a VITERO meeting)

The VSC meeting continued at Tuesday; with a careful examination of each point of the agenda for the CMG and all suggestions for decisions.  There was a discussion at Point 8: about the issues of an International BA or an international profile within their own BA. Also question here regarding the ECTS; when, who earn the credits, what part of their study-program: thesis; e-learning, placement, tutors … in this international profile.
Also discussion around the New partners in VIRCLASS, and new partners in the VIRCamp, --- and will they want to be members of the consortium? 
Minute by Grete Oline Hole