VIRCLASS project presented in Helsinki

VIRCLASS project presented at the 6th Nordic Conference of FORSA (Nordic Societies for Social Work Research) in Helsinki 9-11 February 2006.

The focus of the conference was: Social Work in the Information Era - Polarisations and New Paradigms in Knowledge Production

The VIRCLASS project was presented in a workshop by

Anne Karin Larsen, Bergen University College, department of Health and Social Sciences and Klas-Göran Olsson, Jönkøping University, School of Health Sciences

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VIRCLASS meeting in Bergen 2-5 February.

Partners in VIRCLASS had a four days meeting in Bergen and prepared products for the Virtual Book and the new curriculum plan.

Report from the meeting

Preparing for new courses

15 members of the VIRCLASS project will meet in Bergen this week. Programme for the meeting is starting the development of a Virtual Book with study material for the next educational programme, that we hope will start in middle of October this year.
The study plan will be slightly different from the first one and we are also working on a new administrative and financial model for running of the e-learning courses.

Programme for the meeting 

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