Paper about VIRCLASS in EURODL

A paper about the VIRCLASS project written by Grete Oline Hole and Anne Karin Larsen is now published in the electronic journal European Journal of Open, Distanse and E-learning

VIRCLASS: the Virtual Classroom for Social Work in Europe - a toolkit for innovation?


From 23-25 November the VIRCLASS meeting took place in Bergen (Norway) hosted by the City of Bergen and Bergen University College. Managers and teacher from participating universities in the VIRCLASS project were invited to discuss the future for the VIRCLASS project. Eight of ten partner institutions were represented. The purpose for this meeting was to realize a new financial and administrative model for the future running of the VIRCLASS programme. So far the program has been funded by Norway Opening University (NUV), and by the Bergen University College. To be able to continue the courses also from autumn 2007 the funding needs to be realized by the partners themselves. It is also an option that the partner institutions should include the VIRCLASS e-learning programme Social Work in Europe as an optional course for students in their social work programme.

New VIRCLASS courses started 16. October

New VIRCLASS courses started 16. October and more than 70 students from 11 countries in Europe are working together this time. The number of applicants was higher than expected.

A new production by the VIRCLASS partners: The Virtual Book – A guide to social work in Europe will be an important learning material for the students this time.

This book includes short screen lectures, triggers for discussions and a video case in 12 scenes that will be an important element in the module 2.

Students will be introduced to an immigrant family and meet the members of this family in different situations. From this case and tasks connected to this they will compare their interventions as social workers from different methods and cultural perspectives.


International seminar in Madrid

The VIRCLASS partners held an international seminar in Madrid at the Complutense University 20. September 2006.
The theme was: “E-learning method in International cooperation and social work learning.
Partners involved in the VIRCLASS project presented aspects about the project, the pedagogy in e-learning, elements from the new Virtual Book – a Guide to social work in Europe, and lectures about anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory practice, critical theories and critical reflection.

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