45 students from 8 countries

13 October a new group of students start to work together in the virtual classroom. Students coming from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Norway, Austria and Czech Republic will cooperate and share experience during the next 9 weeks.

6 teachers from Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Complutense University in Madrid, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Haarlem, Miguel Torga University College in Coimbra  and Bergen University College will be guides and supervisors for the students.


New call for applications to the educational programme: SOCIAL WORK IN EUROPE 2008/09 is open.

Use this opportunity to meet sosial work students all over Europe in our virtual classroom. See the promotional trigger and get inspired!

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Read the Curriculum Plan to know more about the courses.

Final date for application is 22 September 2008.

New courses starts in October 2008.

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For more information about the courses and how to become a student please read the following information:


A new project the SW-VirCamp can start after receiving a positive response from EU.

 The application for the LLP: Erasmus Virtual Campus sent by VIRCLASS partners in February this year was  approved by the European Union in the end of July 2008.

The project intend to develop a new module in Community work and Community Development on a comparative worldwide ground, and will forward the work towards an international specialisation in Social Work on a BA level.

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New publication based on the teaching experiences in VIRCLASS published in Social Work Education.

See the abstract

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