From the barbequeThe The hosting institution Hochschule Mannheim had prepared the meeting in a good way. Students and teachers had prepared a barbeque for the teacher group and the Consortium members on Monday evening.

Both the teacher meeting as well as the Consortium Meeting made good evaluations and new decisions was taking about our future cooperation. New partner institution have been incuded in the consortium since last year: University of Lusofona and KHKempen University College.


Another institution the IUT, Paris participated in the meeting for the first time - at this stage only as an observer, but we hope the institution will sign a contract with our consortium this year.

Anne Karin Larsen together with Andres Astray and Remmelt Veenkamp presented the year report for 2008/09: VIRCLASS year report 08_09 with the account 08_09

See the minute from our teacher meeting: Minute from the teacher meeting

See the minute with attachments from our Consortium meeting: Minute Consortium meeting 9 June 2009 . PPT/Andres Astray - related to point 4 in the minute international specialisation in SW

Presentation of Hochschule Mannheim by Alexander Noyon: presentation of Hochschule Mannheim


The VIRCLASS consortium meeting and teacher meeting will take place in Mannheim from the 8 - 9 June this year.

Evaluation of this years work and cooperation and discussions about future organisation of the programme in relation to the SW-VirCamp project will be the main part of the programme for this meeting.

Programme for the meeting

Campus week in Bergen with the e-pedagogy students

Material for the e-pedagogy course will in the end of August 2009 be available in a virtual book accessable online. It will include screen lectures, the course material, curriculum plan, weekly programme, tasks and recommended literature.

This spring only three students participates in the e-pedagogy course. They come from Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

A campus week was arranged in Bergen from the 18 - 22 April. Teachers in the course is Grete Oline Hole and Anne Karin Larsen, HiB.


The next E-pedagogy course will start online 1 April 2009. A prestart seminar will be arranged in Bergen 17-19 April before the Campus week in Bergen from 20 - 25 April. APPLICATION DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXPANDED TO 13 MARCH. For more information about the curriculum plan and the electronic application form go to: E-pedagogy course.

Because of grants from Norgesuniversitetet we can offer the course this last year to a very low and subsidiced cost. Use this opportunity to update your pedagogical skills.


Teachers in the e-pedagogy course is recording screen lectures at the Media Centre at HIB.

Lectures about what is e-pedagogy, blogging and reflection in learning, use of triggers, cooperative learning in e-learning is under production,

recording screen lectures



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