Module 1 e-learning is over and the course turned out to be a success

About 30 students from 14 countries delivered their final assignment in the course
Social Work in Europe 12. March.

The evaluation of the course is good and most of the students seem to be satisfied with the organisation and structure in the Virtual Classroom. The platform has been easy to navigate in and there have been few technical problems.

In the end of February 11 teachers who will be responsible for the running of the next module came together at the University College of Jønkøping in Sweden to make the last planning for the next courses.

To be an e-learning teacher is new for most of the teachers and the instruction and help from Morten Fahlvik at the Mediacentre, Bergen University College have been a good help in this process.

About 70 students in 5 different courses will participate in the next module starting
14. March.

Jønkøping, Sweden
Working group meeting in Jønkøping, Sweden:
From left: Answin Weissenborn, Annamaria Campanini, Kerstin Gynnerstedt, Kjell Henriksbø, Morten Fahlvik, Eduardo de Marques, Andres Astray, Bob Sanders, Carsten Otte.
Behind from left: Annika Halen, Klas-Göran Olsson, Julija Eidukeviciute
Photo: Anne Karin Larsen

Closing date for application

Closing date for application to join the study will be 29. November 2004.

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The curriculum plan is ready

The curriculum plan for the study programme SOCIAL WORK IN EUROPE is ready. The Curriculum Plan consists of three modules and is now available for reading
Powerpoint - presentation of the curriculum plan you will find here ( 768Kb )

The Virtual Classroom will open in January 2005

The Virtual Classroom will open in January 2005 and offer professional social workers and students in social work an opportunity to study and communicate with other students all over Europe.


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